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Cash Box & Deposit Safe

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  • De Raat Protector Basic Cash box

    £40.00 Exl.vat
  • De Raat Protector MP Day Deposit Safes

    £179.00 Exl.vat

2 Item(s)

Cash Box by Lof Direct

LOF Direct’s cash box and deposit safes have a security safe ability that is matched to the value it must protect. These safes are graded like other safes from the grading system of 0-6. As well as this the cash box is specially designed for mounting under the counter. But shop based cash boxes tend to be run by locks, not digital electronic locks. Nevertheless, they are still exceptional at protecting the contents within them. Typically, the cash boxes are no bigger than 250 mm in Height and 374 widths. Despite being quite small the cash box is Smart with a practical interior design. The fact is that no matter what you need to keep safe, whether its keys, chequebooks, cash or other small valuables, nothing is quite as effective as the ubiquitous cash box. No business no matter what industry they are in should be without one given the cash boxes wide range of uses. Thanks to the wide range of cash boxes supplied by Lof, you're sure to find the perfect cash box for your business.