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  • Teknik Home Study L-Shaped Desk

    £227.00 Exl.vat
  • Teknik Chalked Wood Computer Desk

    £251.00 Exl.vat
  • Teknik Sherbet Yellow Computer Desk

    £208.00 Exl.vat
  • Teknik Computer Bureau

    £182.00 Exl.vat
  • Eliza Tinsley Woodland Workstation

    £107.00 Exl.vat
  • Eliza Tinsley Jonus Workstation

    £132.00 Exl.vat
  • Eliza Tinsley Hobart Workstation - Compact

    £159.00 Exl.vat
  • Teknik Corner Computer Desk

    £115.00 Exl.vat
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    Teknik Farmhouse Desk

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  • Teknik Boutique Style Desk

    £215.00 Exl.vat
  • Eliza Tinsley Cullen Workstation

    £75.00 Exl.vat
  • Eliza Tinsley Spectrum Workstation

    £111.00 Exl.vat
  • Eliza Tinsley Montana Workstation

    £116.00 Exl.vat
  • Eliza Tinsley Colorado Workstation

    £132.00 Exl.vat
  • Teknik Crystal Workstation

    £69.00 Exl.vat
  • Teknik Ice Light Glass Workstation

    £82.00 Exl.vat
  • Teknik Glacier Workstation

    £97.00 Exl.vat

17 Item(s)

Modern Workstation Desk

Adding on to the variants of Modern workstation desk is the first which is an A-frame desk. So, this is a smaller type desk, and very basic too. Mainly aimed for home offices which in the aim of catering for a business workstation is slightly irrelevant, despite their typical use for being used in a home office, they can serve the purpose in a business office. Being small and compact can allow it to be good for being used in a corner like a corner computer desk or wave desk yet has a nice stylish A framed (hence the name) usually sterling steel legs.

Another one is the bench desk which has previously been discussed and like the A-frame desk, it is small and compact with a very stylish and cool look to it.

Another Cantilever legs are used on desks because they offer a not so obvious shaped support for a minimal and smart look. Good for group workings especially in pairs due to a head-on view of each person and enough space to have two people sharing the desk.

Finally, there is the Panel end desk which consists of a Strong and practical base. Each desk is extremely sturdy in its design and build, with cable ports and adjustable feet. Also, including the option of storage space with pedestals that are attached. All desks allow LOF Direct to have very competitive prices for several desk styles.