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Monitor Arm & CPU Holder

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  • Sven Christiansen Monitor Arm QMATV2

    £95.00 Exl.vat
  • Sven Christiansen Clamp Monitor Arm QMACV2

    £96.00 Exl.vat
  • Sven Christiansen Twin Monitor Arm QMATV22

    £139.00 Exl.vat
  • Sven Christiansen Clamp Twin Monitor Arm QMACV22

    £141.00 Exl.vat
  • Sven Christiansen Screen Mounted Monitor Arm QMASV1

    £93.00 Exl.vat
  • Sven Christiansen Universal CPU Holder QCPU2

    £55.00 Exl.vat
  • Sven Christiansen Universal CPU Holder QCPUSR

    £89.00 Exl.vat
  • Fuze Central Drop Down Cable Tray and Bracket

    £72.00 Exl.vat
  • Fuze Mass Vertical Cable Riser

    £64.00 Exl.vat
  • Fuze Single Desk Cable Tray

    £42.00 Exl.vat
  • Nova Single Desk Cable Tray

    £32.00 Exl.vat
  • Nova Double Bench Cable Tray

    £59.00 Exl.vat
  • Optima Cable Tray

    £25.00 Exl.vat
  • Cable Riser

    £22.00 Exl.vat
  • Monitor arm for single screen with quick release

    £69.00 Exl.vat
  • Monitor arm for twin screen with quick release

    £99.00 Exl.vat

16 Item(s)

Buy Monitor Arm & CPU Holder

The monitor arm comes in a variety of types and styles and is designed to hold your computer screen mounted to whatever angle you wish to have it. Most Monitor arms are extremely flexible and on a special holder on top of the desk, which can be adjusted to a right angle to help you to see clearly. The CPU holder is a special holder under the desk where the computer is mounted and kept to prevent tripping, so it is nowhere near the floor, or if it's in a hazardous location within the office environment, it can remain safer. It also prevents accidental damage by leaving it on the desktop where it could get knocked off and damaged, and to avoid spillage from a beverage to affect the holder. The monitor arm comes in two variations from our online furniture store, as a single monitor arm for one computer screen or twin monitor arm for multiple screens. Furthermore, to add to the design and the attractiveness of the CPU Holder it can be purchased in a variety of designs and colours to match your office workplace. Keep your office professional and organised in a professional manner with this essential office accessory.