Wooden Cupboards

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  • Kaleidoscope Low Cupboard

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  • Kaleidoscope Tall Cupboard

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Wooden Cupboard

LOF Direct provides you with a wide range of cupboards which are a great addition to any office space, school room or just at home. Our range includes different types of cupboards, wooden cupboards with two doors, combination wooden cupboard with an open top and many more styles. All wooden cupboards have multiple finish options so you can find the right one for your space. If space at a premium, we have the double door wooden cupboard which is 74cm high so it can be placed in many different spaces, and also items such as printers can be placed on top of the wooden cupboard. For your convenience and to keep important documents safe, some of the wooden cupboards come with a lock. The sizes of the wooden cupboard vary from 74cm to 214cm, the tall wooden cupboard is ideal for tall, spacious offices and can accommodate many items on their built-in adjustable shelves.