Meeting Rooms

Meeting Rooms

9 Item(s)

  • Dams Flip Top Rectangular Meeting Tables

    £256.00 Exl.vat
  • Dams Deluxe Rectangular Folding Flexitables

    £135.00 Exl.vat
  • Dams Deluxe Chrome Leg Rectangular Flexitables

    £117.00 Exl.vat
  • Dams Economy Rectangular Silver Leg Flexitables

    £67.00 Exl.vat
  • Dams Pisa Rectangular Cafe Table

    £174.00 Exl.vat
  • Dams Roma Rectangular Cafe Table

    £115.00 Exl.vat
  • Triumph Everyday Tilt Top Tables

    £208.00 Exl.vat
  • Sven X-Range Rectangular Meeting Tables

    £128.00 Exl.vat
  • Dams Economy Graphite Leg Flexitables

    £67.00 Exl.vat

9 Item(s)

Meeting Room Furniture

When it comes to conveying the success of a business, nothing does this better than your boardroom or meeting room. The furniture and the lay out is a symbol to everyone that steps into it, whether they are a new applicant, a team working on a project, or a prospective new client. It is vital that the meeting room furniture is reflective of this. So no matter what you need to transform your meeting room, boardroom, or conference room, we have the perfect furniture for you. With our help, you can transform your meeting room into the focal point of your entire organisation, as a meeting room should be.

So no matter what size the meeting room is, how you wish to lay it out, or even how you want it to reflect your company's culture, we have the perfect meeting room furniture for your organisation.