Bistro/Cafe Seating

10 Item(s)

  • Ocee Design FourSureĀ® 44 Chair

    Ā£124.00 Exl.vat
  • Ocee Design FourĀ®Me 44 Chair

    Ā£175.00 Exl.vat
  • Dams Gecko Stools

    Ā£130.00 Exl.vat
  • Dams Gecko Stacking Dining Chairs

    Ā£100.00 Exl.vat
  • Connection Xpresso Chairs with Arms and Upholstered Seat

    Ā£196.00 Exl.vat
  • Connection Xpresso Chairs with Upholstered Seat

    Ā£132.00 Exl.vat
  • Connection Xpresso Chairs with Arms

    Ā£166.00 Exl.vat
  • XRB1ST - X-Range Stool

    Ā£110.00 Exl.vat
  • Dams Taurus Plastic Stacking Chairs (Set of Four)

    Ā£105.00 Exl.vat
  • Dams Taurus Chrome Frame Wooden Stacking Chairs (Set of Four)

    Ā£140.00 Exl.vat

10 Item(s)

Modern Bistro café seating

For your cafe/bistro seating requirements, we offer a range of bistro café seating. The bistro chair range has the modern and sleek looking design bistro chairs, they come in many different finishes including oak, walnut and many more, even more, bistro chairs are stackable. We have wooden and plastic stacking chairs available for your café seating area. Wooden stacking chairs are great choice for smaller places as it can be stacked on top of each other and stored away. Not only it is useful for smaller places, but wooden stacking chairs bring some warmth and cosiness to any place due to their wooden frame and elegant look. Plastic stacking chairs are cheaper alternative to wooden stacking chairs. Depending on your needs and requirements, you can be sure to find the right bistro chairs for your cafe environment.