Reception Seating

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  • Ocee Design Harc Armchair

    £828.00 Exl.vat
  • Ocee Design HenRay - High Back With Right Arm

    £1,428.00 Exl.vat
  • Ocee Design HenRay - High Back With Two Arms

    £1,662.00 Exl.vat
  • Ocee Design HenRay - High Back 45⁰ Curve

    £1,140.00 Exl.vat
  • Ocee Design HenRay - Bench Seat

    £720.00 Exl.vat
  • Ocee Design HenRay - Glass Top Table

    £1,125.00 Exl.vat
  • Teknik 'Newport' Leather Reception Seating

    £327.00 Exl.vat
  • Dams Celestra Tub Chair

    £203.00 Exl.vat
  • Dams Meavy Wood Framed Soft Seating

    £154.00 Exl.vat
  • X-Range XRT Tub Seating

    £159.00 Exl.vat
  • Bisley Euro Tambours

    £271.00 Exl.vat
  • Ocee Design Noah Armchair

    £990.00 Exl.vat
  • Ocee Design Noah Rocker

    £1,175.00 Exl.vat
  • Ocee Design Noah Two Seater Sofa

    £1,504.00 Exl.vat
  • Ocee Design HenRay - High Back With Left Arm

    £1,428.00 Exl.vat
  • Ocee Design Harc Two Seater Sofa

    £1,189.00 Exl.vat
  • Dynamic Beau Reception Chair

    £241.00 Exl.vat
  • Eliza Tinsley Tahara Beech Framed Stackable Side Chair

    £52.00 Exl.vat

Items 1 to 18 of 53 total

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Office Reception Seating

Ensure that you make the best possible first impression to new customers and new employees alike, by selecting the best office reception benches, chairs, sofas and seating arrangements for your businesses entrance. Our complete selection includes sofas, desk chairs, tub chairs, stools, benches, and a whole lot more. No matter what you reception area looks like, with our expert help, we can help you find the perfect reception seating for you and your business. At Lof Direct we know what looks good, and what gives the best impression, so we can guide you in finding the perfect reception seating, ensuring it’s to the highest quality and style, no matter what your existing reception area colour scheme, size or shape is. Ensuring that a potential new customer is comfortable when they enter your reception area is vital. We can ensure that while they wait, your reception will already have started the task of selling your business, just by sitting down.